Sunday, May 5, 2013

Live. Laugh. Love

In this life, there are times that we feel unsatisfied with the things that happening to us. It can be a situation or an expectation you wished that may happen but never really happens. We found ourselves sitting on our couch and looking outside the window thinking about those things and questioning yourselves why?

Why not look around and be thankful with the things you have now. Pause for a while and appreciate the good moments. Thank the Lord for the trees, for the air you breath, for the sun that gives you light, for the sky that gives you hope, for waking you up today. There's a lot of things to be thankful. As per quotation--"Appreciation is a wonderful thing" It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. Never take for granted all the thing you have today and enjoy what you have every day.

Be happy. Forget the things that hurts you from the past. Learn to let go. Smile. Live like it'll be your last day on earth. Laugh like there's no tomorrow and Love like you'd never hurt before.

Happy Sunday Everyone! <3

Live. Laugh. Love. Happy Sunday! ❤

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sentosa Flowers

Sentosa Flowers is the most celebrated flower exhibition during Chinese New Year in Singapore. It is Known as “Chun Jie” or “Life flourishes in Spring” in Mandarin, this event signifies an auspicious beginning to the year.

As per Sentosa flowers website, This event was birthed in 2005 by Sentosa and showcases the wonders of creation with thousands of tropical and spring flowers in a myriad of species presented in a natural outdoor setting. The event also presents itself as a vibrant backdrop for visitors to capture their most memorable moments.

For this year Sentosa flowers presents Joy of Spring -- 

"Our Sentosa Flowers floral extravaganza returns for the eighth time to usher in the Lunar New Year. This year, Sentosa Flowers is themed “Joys of Spring” as we welcome Spring.

The story begins with the Rainbow Snake forming the landscape, river, hills of a charming village. Life was happy and peaceful for the villagers! However, many years later, it was vandalised due to human activities. The villagers began to long for the beautiful place they used to live in.

One day, a lady with a snake tail, named Nuwa, turned up at the village. She restored the beauty of the earth and the villagers were overjoyed! They invited people from all over the world for a great celebration to welcome spring!"  read here for more

I super love flowers, i don't know why but mostly girls love it. agree? and i love receiving flowers too. It makes the girl feel special and worth it <3.

In the Philippines, We have the Panagbenga Festival. It is a month-long (February) annual flower festival occurring in Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines. The festival includes floats that are decorated with flowers. Too bad, I never been to the festival because it's always crowded and traffic plus the travel time from Manila to Baguio is 5-6 hours, plus the hotels and establishments are pricey (2-3x the normal rates)  during those time.

Well i took some shots from the Sentosa Flowers. Enjoy! (Reminder: Stealing of photos is a sin)

Thanks also to my friend for thanking this shots!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Malacca Overnight Getaway. Part 2

Now here's the part 2 of our weekend getaway in Malacca. We were rushing because we only have until 12 noon to enjoy Malacca. Our bus schedule going back to Singapore is at 12:30pm. We wake up early to visit some of the historical places nearby. Though it's a quick half day trip, we enjoyed it! We had a quick photo opt and attended church in Christ Church before heading back to Singapore. Here are the photos. Enjoy!

The YOLO pose

Me, posing infront of the church

Ms. Paris and Ms. Singapore posing on the camera

I want to ride on this! haha reminds me of "sagala" in Philippines

Christ Church Melaka! One of the oldest church in Malaysia

The girls before leaving the hotel. Saying goodbye to Malacca! :)

Malacca Overnight Getaway. Part 1

Want to know more about Malaysia? Ok Let's go now to Malacca! One of the most historical place in Malaysia.

According to Wikipedia "Malacca (MalayMelaka, dubbed "The Historic State" ) is the third smallest Malaysian state after Perlis and Penang. It is located in the southern region of the Malay Peninsula, next to the Straits of Malacca."

I went in Malacca with my colleagues here in Singapore. It was only an overnight stay.  Malacca is a 4 hours travel via bus from Singapore. I did enjoy the travel because i just slept the whole time haha and we were on the second floor of the bus so it's more relaxing and comfortable. We stayed at this cute hotel-- Sunshine Inn and it was super funny because the hotel staff thought we were students from Singapore (base on their fb post) hehe. oh yeah we used to be a students from different country-- Philippines, Singapore and Paris.

After settling our things in the hotel and a quick rest, we went straight to Jonker street. The Jonker Street reminds me of Calle Crisologo in Vigan. Same old houses and architecture. Too bad it rained. I remember also when i was in Vigan, it was raining too. Oh well we still enjoyed the trip! Nothing can stop us. 

Then the fun trip starts! 

We tried the famous chicken in Jonker and their rice balls. It tastes good!

Then we had this "Chendol" as a dessert

My favourite! Spicy-Sour Laksa. This is different from the usual laksa with coconut milk. I like this more. It really tastes good!

Tried this Oyster Omelet. Oh so sorry too late to take photo and we were all hungry haha!

Few drinks to spice up the night!

Tried this fruit. I don't know what they call it here but in the Philippines, it is called "Macopa"

The girls pose for a quick photo. :D

The busy Jonker Street at night!

There's a dance contest happening! oooh i remember the song "electric shock!" haha

They were selling this lights in Jonker... So cute! Perfect for home decorations.

There's a lot of good stuffs to buy here at Jonker at very cheap and reasonable price! You will enjoy shopping here! Of course the night has to end and we are all tired and my feet hurts already. After our long day we went back to our hotel to sleep and rest.  Tomorrow is another day. Part 2!


Penang Island Malaysia

Now let's go to the other part of Malaysia. Penang Island! Ok, according to Wikipedia, 

"Penang Island is part of the state of Penang, on the west coat of Peninsular Malaysia. It was named Prince of Wales Island when it was occupied by the British East India Company on 12 August 1786, in honour of the birthday of the Prince of Wales, later King George IV. The capital, George Town, was named after the reigning King George III.

Malaysia has another island called "Pulau Pinang", which is a diving site located in South China Sea and part of the Johor Marine Park, which consists of a group of islands: Pulau Aur, Pulau Dayang, Pulau Lang, and Pulau Pinang itself." 
Penang Island is about 8 hours long drive from Singapore or 1 hour flight via airbus. Of course we chose the airbus (Airasia) hehe. 
I met my former colleagues in Penang, They all came in the Philippines! We stayed at our friend's condo - SunnyVille Condo (saving money? hehehe). Thanks OJ and Don. I really enjoyed this trip! Everybody's game and energetic. Guess what? We shoot this funny video with the music of One Direction's hit "What makes you beautiful" haha. Later i will post it. hehe. We really had fun in Penang! No dull moments. I hope there  will be a part 2 soon hehe. Here are some of the photos shot in Penang!

We are ready for Penang Hill and the rest of the tourist spots in Penang!

Fun fun fun getaway!!! :)
Ooops there's more! Our funny video hahaha. Enjoy! :P

Kuala Lumpur Overnight

Oh it's been a while since i last posted here. hehe been so busy with my work and personal activities and most of the time i'm  lazy to write here. Today i wanna share my first visit to Malaysia. It's just an overnight stay with my former colleagues. I came from Singapore and some of them came from Penang in Malaysia. It's more than a year ago. See? long overdue! We stayed at Furama Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. btw I almost forgot all the happenings we had there. Sorry :) Let me share you some photos i have taken during that trip. Enjoy!

We had lunch in IKEA in KL. I love the food here especially their famous meat balls! yummy!

IKEA's famous meat balls!

My Italian pasta. yummy!

IKEA's Chicken! love it!

The gang having delicious lunch!

Goofing around the Cultural Village.

Tried the 6D ride and it was like 4D. I didn't see any difference. What a waste of moolahs!

Finally, took a chance to see the Petronas Tower at night and before night? haha

After visiting Petronas Tower, We went back to our hotel to continue the fun. Few drinks and a laugh. A truly night to remember! Thanks to our friend's friend for touring us around! :)