Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sentosa Flowers

Sentosa Flowers is the most celebrated flower exhibition during Chinese New Year in Singapore. It is Known as “Chun Jie” or “Life flourishes in Spring” in Mandarin, this event signifies an auspicious beginning to the year.

As per Sentosa flowers website, This event was birthed in 2005 by Sentosa and showcases the wonders of creation with thousands of tropical and spring flowers in a myriad of species presented in a natural outdoor setting. The event also presents itself as a vibrant backdrop for visitors to capture their most memorable moments.

For this year Sentosa flowers presents Joy of Spring -- 

"Our Sentosa Flowers floral extravaganza returns for the eighth time to usher in the Lunar New Year. This year, Sentosa Flowers is themed “Joys of Spring” as we welcome Spring.

The story begins with the Rainbow Snake forming the landscape, river, hills of a charming village. Life was happy and peaceful for the villagers! However, many years later, it was vandalised due to human activities. The villagers began to long for the beautiful place they used to live in.

One day, a lady with a snake tail, named Nuwa, turned up at the village. She restored the beauty of the earth and the villagers were overjoyed! They invited people from all over the world for a great celebration to welcome spring!"  read here for more

I super love flowers, i don't know why but mostly girls love it. agree? and i love receiving flowers too. It makes the girl feel special and worth it <3.

In the Philippines, We have the Panagbenga Festival. It is a month-long (February) annual flower festival occurring in Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines. The festival includes floats that are decorated with flowers. Too bad, I never been to the festival because it's always crowded and traffic plus the travel time from Manila to Baguio is 5-6 hours, plus the hotels and establishments are pricey (2-3x the normal rates)  during those time.

Well i took some shots from the Sentosa Flowers. Enjoy! (Reminder: Stealing of photos is a sin)

Thanks also to my friend for thanking this shots!

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