Saturday, July 23, 2011

Danelle's 7th Birthday

Via Flickr:
Danelle's 7th Birthday at One Corporate Center in Ortigas. It's good to capture happy and unforgettable moments-- Birthdays! This event is fun!

This is the 2nd time (paid shoot too hihihi) that i cover a birthday party! and first time also to use my newly bought Nissin Di622 Mark II Flash. Amazing! it adds glossy effect to my photos. It feels like I'm shooting like a pro! haha! I did enjoy this party (ooops work) Hope to get bookings soon! *wink*

more photos (Photos by: Anjella Valino):


  1. Ang sosyal naman nitong birthday na 'to.

  2. korek sinabi mo pa. bonggacious :)

  3. Agree at sa one corporate centre pa! Anyway I love it. :)