Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kuala Lumpur Overnight

Oh it's been a while since i last posted here. hehe been so busy with my work and personal activities and most of the time i'm  lazy to write here. Today i wanna share my first visit to Malaysia. It's just an overnight stay with my former colleagues. I came from Singapore and some of them came from Penang in Malaysia. It's more than a year ago. See? long overdue! We stayed at Furama Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. btw I almost forgot all the happenings we had there. Sorry :) Let me share you some photos i have taken during that trip. Enjoy!

We had lunch in IKEA in KL. I love the food here especially their famous meat balls! yummy!

IKEA's famous meat balls!

My Italian pasta. yummy!

IKEA's Chicken! love it!

The gang having delicious lunch!

Goofing around the Cultural Village.

Tried the 6D ride and it was like 4D. I didn't see any difference. What a waste of moolahs!

Finally, took a chance to see the Petronas Tower at night and before night? haha

After visiting Petronas Tower, We went back to our hotel to continue the fun. Few drinks and a laugh. A truly night to remember! Thanks to our friend's friend for touring us around! :)

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