Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Malacca Overnight Getaway. Part 1

Want to know more about Malaysia? Ok Let's go now to Malacca! One of the most historical place in Malaysia.

According to Wikipedia "Malacca (MalayMelaka, dubbed "The Historic State" ) is the third smallest Malaysian state after Perlis and Penang. It is located in the southern region of the Malay Peninsula, next to the Straits of Malacca."

I went in Malacca with my colleagues here in Singapore. It was only an overnight stay.  Malacca is a 4 hours travel via bus from Singapore. I did enjoy the travel because i just slept the whole time haha and we were on the second floor of the bus so it's more relaxing and comfortable. We stayed at this cute hotel-- Sunshine Inn and it was super funny because the hotel staff thought we were students from Singapore (base on their fb post) hehe. oh yeah we used to be a students from different country-- Philippines, Singapore and Paris.

After settling our things in the hotel and a quick rest, we went straight to Jonker street. The Jonker Street reminds me of Calle Crisologo in Vigan. Same old houses and architecture. Too bad it rained. I remember also when i was in Vigan, it was raining too. Oh well we still enjoyed the trip! Nothing can stop us. 

Then the fun trip starts! 

We tried the famous chicken in Jonker and their rice balls. It tastes good!

Then we had this "Chendol" as a dessert

My favourite! Spicy-Sour Laksa. This is different from the usual laksa with coconut milk. I like this more. It really tastes good!

Tried this Oyster Omelet. Oh so sorry too late to take photo and we were all hungry haha!

Few drinks to spice up the night!

Tried this fruit. I don't know what they call it here but in the Philippines, it is called "Macopa"

The girls pose for a quick photo. :D

The busy Jonker Street at night!

There's a dance contest happening! oooh i remember the song "electric shock!" haha

They were selling this lights in Jonker... So cute! Perfect for home decorations.

There's a lot of good stuffs to buy here at Jonker at very cheap and reasonable price! You will enjoy shopping here! Of course the night has to end and we are all tired and my feet hurts already. After our long day we went back to our hotel to sleep and rest.  Tomorrow is another day. Part 2!


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