Thursday, March 31, 2011

Destination: Zambales- Updated!

Let me explore you to my favorite spots in Zambales!

Zambales is gifted with natural beauty from landscape to waterscape. It is located at the Western part of Luzon where beaches and other tourist spots are totally awesome! It is well-known for its white sand and crystal blue water. Approximately 4 hours drive away from Manila. I really enjoyed my escapades to this place. Truly a paradise! No need to book for a flight, Just pack up and drive! You can also ride a bus from Manila that will take you to the different destination in Zambales. Best for weekend getaway with family, friends and love one.

Pundaquit Beach

Pundaquit Beach is located in San Antonio Zambales. Around 4 hours drive from Manila. Nice beach and clear water but too bad, it was gloomy in the afternoon and the sun didn’t show up when I visit there.

Camara Island

Just across Pundaquit. Around 10 minutes boat ride. The place was relaxing. You can see the view of Pundaquit Mountain.

Capones Island

I love the white sand there. The water is clear like a crystal. You will definitely enjoy the place. A great place for Photoshoot too… Capones is just around 5 minutes boat ride when you’re coming from Camara. I didn’t get a chance to explore the Capones Lighthouse because the water going to the side where the lighthouse is located was rough that time.

Anawangin Cove

Around 15-20 minutes boat ride from Capones. This is a Paradise! I love the environment in Anawangin- the two different bodies of water, the mountains around, the white sand, the clear blue-green water, the pine trees…the views and all about Anawangin! This is a true breath taking place. But—I was frustrated when I saw trashes around. **People, Please do not leave your trashes in the island. Save Anawangin!

Potipot Island

It is located at Candelaria Zambales, the farthest so far approximately 5 hours away from Manila and around 15 minutes boat ride from the nearby resorts of Candelaria. The fine beach and white sand can swept you away. You can stroll around the island for 30 minutes. Some tourist stayed for overnight together with their tents. There was no electricity and signal but this is truly a great place for your adventure!

So now you can choose your destination with your family, friends and love one! Don't forget your camera and sunblock! ;)

NEXT STOP??? Magalawa Island on April 9-10!

PHOTOS by: Anjella Valino

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