Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Malacca Overnight Getaway. Part 2

Now here's the part 2 of our weekend getaway in Malacca. We were rushing because we only have until 12 noon to enjoy Malacca. Our bus schedule going back to Singapore is at 12:30pm. We wake up early to visit some of the historical places nearby. Though it's a quick half day trip, we enjoyed it! We had a quick photo opt and attended church in Christ Church before heading back to Singapore. Here are the photos. Enjoy!

The YOLO pose

Me, posing infront of the church

Ms. Paris and Ms. Singapore posing on the camera

I want to ride on this! haha reminds me of "sagala" in Philippines

Christ Church Melaka! One of the oldest church in Malaysia

The girls before leaving the hotel. Saying goodbye to Malacca! :)

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