Sunday, May 5, 2013

Live. Laugh. Love

In this life, there are times that we feel unsatisfied with the things that happening to us. It can be a situation or an expectation you wished that may happen but never really happens. We found ourselves sitting on our couch and looking outside the window thinking about those things and questioning yourselves why?

Why not look around and be thankful with the things you have now. Pause for a while and appreciate the good moments. Thank the Lord for the trees, for the air you breath, for the sun that gives you light, for the sky that gives you hope, for waking you up today. There's a lot of things to be thankful. As per quotation--"Appreciation is a wonderful thing" It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. Never take for granted all the thing you have today and enjoy what you have every day.

Be happy. Forget the things that hurts you from the past. Learn to let go. Smile. Live like it'll be your last day on earth. Laugh like there's no tomorrow and Love like you'd never hurt before.

Happy Sunday Everyone! <3

Live. Laugh. Love. Happy Sunday! ❤

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