Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Birthday in Singapore Part 3

Sorry for the long wait! (pretending to have 1M readers. haha) Finally, i got time to share with you the Part 3 of my birthday in Singapore!

Me & BF went to Sentosa! We both excited  because this is our first time to explore the place. We took the train ($3 2-way ride) from Vivo City (Level 3)in Harbour front going to Sentosa. There are 3 stations inside Sentosa. First is Waterfront Station, Second is Imbiah Station and the last is The Beach station. To those who plans to explore Singapore and visit Sentosa, You may check this link for more information on how to get there-> Hit me!

For our first stop, We went to Siloso Beach for a sunset strolling. This beach is located at beach station where you can also find Palawan Beach and Tanjong beach. There are a lot of activities inside the beach station like the indoor sky diving, Luge, Sky ride and more. We tried the Sky ride from beach going to Imbiah lookout.You can also choose to watch Songs of the Sea. Kids will surely enjoy the show.

After an hour of stroll and exploring The beach station. We rode the sky ride going to Imbiah instead of riding the sentosa express (train). Kinda scary but i had so much fun at the top! We just explore the place and took some photos. Then we decide to walk going to Waterfront Station, where you can find Resorts World Singapore, Lake of dreams and the famous Universal Studios. After long walks around the place, we got tired and we headed to Resorts World for our dinner.

Here are some snapshots from my trip to Sentosa!














 For more information, please click --> Sentosa Singapore

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