Monday, July 23, 2012

My Birthday in Singapore Part 1

I can't believe that I'm celebrating my birthday here in Singapore! Last year i was in the Philippines and no single idea that I will be here for my birthday. Prior to this, I was scheduled to go to Hong Kong for a meeting and project presentation and was supposed to leave last Saturday morning but it was postponed. I thought I'm gonna celebrate my day with Mickey & Minnie but it's good thing though because i have other plans on my mind and somebody needs me on his side ❤ This is also the first time to celebrate my birthday away from my family and close friends.

Last friday July 20, people in the office surprised me with a birthday cake and a song! at first they give me a bite slice of durian cake with candle (haha) and after blowing it, they showed the real birthday cake and everybody's laughing haha! Thanks CozyCot team for the effort!

Thank you so much CozyCot team... and for the Durian cake as well. Haha
Our group photo, we are not complete here.
Advance Happy 16th to me! Hahaha!
Blowing the candles while whispering my wishes!
Birthday cake... Thank you so much Cozy team! #happybirthday
The birthday cake!
But it doesn't end here. Last Saturday July 21, I was surprise with another birthday cake at home! I'm loving cakes now. haha! I'm happy and i felt a kid in me, excited to blow the candles and all... Thanks BF for the surprise cake! I appreciate the effort too. ❤ ❤ ❤

Advance beerday! ☺
Happy Birthday to me!
Blowing the candle!
Blowing the candle!
My 2nd Surprise Cake! yehey!
The Cake. Happy 2_ to me! :P


  1. Happy Birthday Cake! Este kambal, hehehe! Love you to bits.

    1. thanks kambal my one & only follower. hahaha