Thursday, September 9, 2010

ILoveTee's I ♥ Collections

T-Shirts are the most common outfit that we can found in our closet. Typically made of cotton or polyester fibers or a mix of the two. It can be decorated with text and/or pictures, and are sometimes used to advertise. Very comfortable to wear, you can pair with jeans or shorts then you’re ready to rock and ramp! IloveTee is an online-seller that offers t-shirt personalization and ready to order designs with different varieties and categories. Now, you can express yourself by wearing T- shirts personalized by ILoveTee.

Try the ILovetee's I ♥ Collections. It could be the one you love? place? hobby? Sports? Interests? Anything goes for as low as 300php!

For more details you may visit ILoveTee's Official Facebook
or e-mail: for inquiries

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