Wednesday, September 8, 2010

IamJhellai on Blogger

I'm back to Blogger. Don't be sad WP ^_^

After almost 2 yrs with sweetsassyprincess (powered by blogger) and a couple of months with jhellai.talk4fun (powered by WP hosted by Byethost) now, here's my brand new abode in cyberspace-- iamJhellai! yes I'm back! Right now, I'm a big fan of minimalism in web design. I've already created 1 minimalist design for MSI-ECS -- . I adore those clean and white website, very simple yet elegant and classy! that's why i decided to use a minimalist design for my blog -- "Less is more" as they say.

I really hope, that i can manage to update this site. I got inspired again when i saw the site of my close friend/ twin sister Jhari. Here's the link of her great site!-- and you know what? She's being paid in $ by just blogging! Great job isn't it? I'm gonna see her again on November for her family vacation here in the Philippines, I'm so excited to see Julia- her adorable daughter and finally meet her husband, Abed. Time flies so fast... I remember wayback, Jha and I used tol text each other and we will go to malls after her work in Globe and my work in Trumpets and all those college parties and sleep overs, out of town trips and jamming session. Good times!

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  1. I'm first on the commentators list, naks! Clean layout kambal, nice start :) Sana lang mag update ka na lagi :)