Friday, September 10, 2010

Nokia C3

Can you think of a gadget that you can’t live without? 8 out of 10 people said--cell phone! I’m 1 of the 8! I feel naked without it. Well, I’m having a gear acquisition syndrome (GAS) today. I want a new phone. Any cheap but quality phone will do. While browsing The Nokia C3 got my attention because of the cheap price and it has a wifi already. Not bad right? While doing my search about the specification, I saw the pink Nokia C3! I love pink so fabulous, cool and preppy! It has a full qwerty keyboard, has wifi and could be considered a cheaper alternative for Nokia E63, only without the 3G. and guess what? Very affordable and it only costs 6,600php to 7,300php. Right now, Im using my Sony Ericsson Cybershot K800i. I bought it for 11,280php last July 2008 and my cherry mobile D15 phone which i bought for only 1,999php last June 2010. Anyway here’s the photo of the new Nokia C3. Isn't it cute? love it! I want one!
click here for product specification