Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Singapore's SMRT. #sign

Yesterday, I captured this inside MRT while heading home. What is good about Singapore SMRT is the special treatment for Senior Citizens, Pregnant Women, Disabled and Men/Women with carrying baby. They have a designated seats for them near the entrance door of the train. SMRT is also strict when it comes to train's cleanliness- Food & Drinks is not allowed, you will pay $500 (sgd) if they caught you eating/drinking. Smoking also is prohibited ($1000 fine (sgd)) and carrying flammable stuff is a big no no, if you happen to bring one? oh goodbye $5000 (sgd). So make sure to follow the rules and enjoy the SMRT ride!:)

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  1. Nice fillers kambal. At least nagiging active ka na ulit for blogging.