Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Nikon D3100- New Travelling Buddy

Letting go of my Sony H7?... Hmmm *it hurts*. LOL

I got my new toy last Feb 19, 2011. The Nikon d3100. I bought it at Mayer's Store in Hidalgo. It's cheaper than the mall price for about 6-8k difference. It also comes with free 4gb SD card, Camera bag and 1 year shop warranty. Not bad!, This is my first ever DSLR camera and I'm happy with this model. I believe that Mayer's price is the cheaper among those camera store in Hidalgo (hindi na ko nag canvass sa iba kase base sa mga forums kay Mang Ramon na yung pinakamababa at nung tinanong ko kung magkano, Pak! mababa nga talaga). D3100 is Recommended to all photography enthusiast as entry level camera! click here for infos from DP Review. I also love the review from Ken Rockwell Tutorials are great too! I so heart my D3100 partnered with nikkor 50mm f 1.8 lens which i bought in Singapore (Sim Lim Square), but since the d3100 doesn't have a built in motor as well as the 50 mm, it will only focus manually. but i love it anyway... will post sample shots of d3100 + 50mm f 1.8 soon... ;)

Here's the photo of my Nikon D3100

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  1. i like the video with HD version. even if i save the file using .avi, it still looks good! :)