Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dream Board: Gadgets

Do you have the power to Attract things? It's so simple. Just think positive and work for it. I have decided to create my dream board when i read Bo Sanchez' Blog. If you want to go the places that you've always dreamed of and things that you wish to buy, just cut out the pictures and post it to your room's wall. it's so easy haha. Me, i will just post it here. I will have all of these soon hahaha... LOA :) 1) pink laptop- will use it for my side line work of course (web designing/developing, shirt-print designing and graphics designing as well) 2) pink PSP -i love playing games when im bored, a very good time killer 3) Lumix Lx3- for snapshots, i want a handy cam with DSLR quality output for events and simple gatherings 4) pink Nokia c3- It's the cheapest wifi phone and why do i love it? it's because it's hot pink! 5) Apple itouch- i want to compile all of my favorite music and movies too, this is also a great travelling buddy 6) Canon 550d (Nikon will do too)- I want to explore photography more. One of my dream is to become a professional photographer and to shoot for magazines, print ads and billboards. That's it, for now. lol... Places soon...hihi :P

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  1. sisiw yan kambal, yakang yakang maabot yan, ikaw pa! :)